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Product development roadmap

Last updated 29/11/2023

On this page, you will find a high-level overview of key improvements that lie ahead for our products. As part of a commitment to transparency and collaboration, we want to ensure you are part of our product journey at Tuatahi First Fibre. 

This page will be updated quarterly with progress and changes. Updates, Feedback, suggestions, and insights are instrumental in shaping our products, and we want to ensure you're always in the loop.

Want to talk product?

Contact Claire Gatenby, our Product Lead, on 027 405 2883 or claire.gatenby@tuatahifibre.co.nz

Products in roadmaps are subject to internal approval and subject to change

  • In Discovery

    Bitstream 2 business SLA

    We are exploring the possibility of an enhanced SLA for our Bitstream 2 ultra business offers.

  • Up next

    Hyperfibre refresh

    With our Network Refresh Programme well underway, we are planning to review our Hyperfibre product offers to maximise the opportunities presented by our new network.

    Handover connection: 100 GbE

    Our Network Refresh Programme will enable us to support 100 GbE Handover ports network-wide.

  • Currently working on

    Premise Networking services refresh

    We are refreshing our Premise Networking offerings to create flexibility and better alignment to Retail service provider premise networking plans.

    Bitstream 4 Simplification

    We are updating our Bitstream 4 product to reduce available plans, remove NID from the offering, and improve the pricing for our retailers.

    SFP ONT trial conclusion

    We have completed our SFP ONT trial, and are now gathering feedback to support future SFP-ONT based products.

  • Recently launched

    Baseband VoIP

    We launched our Baseband VOIP offering 1 July 2023. This offers the option to connect IP voice devices directly to the ONT UNI port, without the need for an RGW.

    Bitstream 3 Simplification

    We updated our Bitstream 3 product family on 1 July 2023. This change simplified the offers available, withdrawing Bitstream 3 and Bitstream 3a offers from sale. Migration activity for these plans are underway.

  • Current campaigns

    Trial: Migration offer

    A trial is being launched, offering a one-off credit to support the migration of consumers from copper to fibre. Retailers must be onboarded to participate in this trial.

    Digital Equity Offer

    An entry-level Bitstream 2 ultra offering is available at a reduced price for qualifying addresses. Retailers must be onboarded to the offer to participate.

    1G Education pricing offer

    Our Bitstream 3b 1000/1000 is available plan at a reduced price for registered schools.