Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Price to remain fixed at $38

In response to market feedback, we have decided to re-position Fibre Starter (BS2 Ultra 50/10 2.5/2.5).

About Fibre Starter

We launched Fibre Starter in September 2022 at the request of retailers who wanted to offer a nationally consistent entry-level fibre service to the low-use/price-sensitive residential consumer segment.

We remain committed to supporting residential consumers facing the challenge of increasing living costs.

Price to remain fixed at $38

Demonstrating this commitment, we are repositioning our Fibre Starter price. Instead of applying our 2023 annual price review increase to this product ($40.47 from 1 July), we are prioritising affordability without compromising the delivery of quality, high-speed, fibre broadband.

From 1 July 2023, the price of Fibre Starter will remain fixed at $38 for a further 12 months.

This offer is being made in good faith, with the expectation that retailers will responsibly make use of the financial upside of this product and uphold the fair use expectations we have established as an industry.

On that basis, our expectation is that you will pass on this benefit to consumers by setting a target retail price of $60 (inc. GST).

If the intention of this service is not being realised at retail level, we reserve the right to revert to our standard charge for this service.


  • Fibre Starter wholesale charge of $38 (exc. GST) from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.
  • No retail price cap; just a commitment from retailers to pass on the cost benefit to consumers.
  • Fibre Starter is a low priority speed of 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload with a high priority symmetrical speed of 2.5Mbps using a Bitstream 2 Ultra 50/10 2.5/2.5 service template.
  • Available to order under our Bitstream 2 Ultra Product Family per our existing Wholesale Services Agreement terms.
  • You do not need to sign up to any special terms to participate in this offer. Simply order the product in our RSP Portal.

Need more information?

If you have any questions or comments regarding Fibre Starter, please contact your Tuatahi First Fibre Customer Excellence team at customer.excellence@tuatahifibre.co.nz.

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