Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

What is fibre?

Fibre is an optical fibre cable that physically connects your home or business directly to the internet.

Why go with fibre?

Get a brief overview of fibre, terms, benefits and why fibre is the best way to connect.

Fibre basics


Why fibre

With no time for waiting, fast and reliable internet connection has become an absolute essential for every home and business. That’s why fibre is New Zealand’s preferred choice.

Dedicated line 

Fibre gives you your own dedicated line straight from your home to the internet. 

Lightning fast

Take your scrolling, searching and streaming to the next level with fibre. The fastest internet connection with the capacity to keep pace with all your internet needs.

Seriously reliable 

You will love experiencing the reliability of fibre. In and out of peak times and no matter what the weather. 

More does matter

No matter how busy your house, fibre allows everyone to enjoy their online activity at once. And as most fibre plans offer unlimited data, you are unlikely to ever run out or incur additional charges.

Do it once. Do it right.

Fibre has the capacity to deliver all the data you will ever need, so you can be sure it will keep up with future demand – whatever they become.

Future ready

Fibre has the capacity to grow as you grow. So, no matter how smart or connected your house becomes, a future with fibre means doing it once and getting it right.

Hardwired value

Once installed your fibre connection is a future-proofed and permanent improvement that adds to the value of your house.

Free installation

Because the internet is an essential utility for modern living and everyone deserves world-class connectivity, our standard residential installations are free. 

Ready to get connected to fibre?

You need to order your connection through an internet service provider. If you don’t already have one, you can find one here.

Choose an ISP

Want to know more about fibre?

Check out these quick videos to learn more.

Fibre installation

Learn what’s involved when our team installs fibre.

Connection process – single-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in single-dwelling units i.e. standalone houses. 

Connection process – multi-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in multi-dwelling units, apartments, flats and shared driveways.

Activating your ONT

Learn how to connect to fibre when you already have an ONT.

Understanding consents

In some situations, we’ll need to sort out consents for you. Here’s how we take care of it.

Getting the most out of your connection

Your fibre connection will work best with the right setup at your place. Here’s some handy tips.