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Privacy notice

How Tuatahi First Fibre collects, stores, uses and shares your personal information.

Privacy Notice

Version Date: March 2021

Thanks for visiting our website, we are glad you want to Connect Better with Tuatahi First Fibre! This is the part of our website where we will explain a few important things to you. Here you can find out more about:

  • Where and how we collect your Personal Information
  • The type of Personal Information we collect
  • How we use Personal Information
  • How we store Personal Information
  • How you can access/amend your Personal Information
  • How long we hold Personal Information
  • Who you can contact for further information about any matter or complaint

Tuatahi First Fibre Limited is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. 
This Privacy Notice governs the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information by us and has been prepared in accordance with our obligations and your rights set out in the Privacy Act 2020.

If we update this Privacy Notice, it will be published to this webpage.


Personal Information

This means information about an identifiable individual


This means you, the individual using our services, or visiting our website or using our (and “your” shall have a corresponding meaning)

we, us or our

This means Tuatahi First Fibre Limited or any related company providing you with our services

1. Collection of Personal Information

We collect Personal Information from the following sources:

  • by you contacting us and enquiring about information on us or our services or anything on our website (such as special offers, surveys, competitions, and prize draws);
  • directly from you when you register on our website to receive our news and updates service or to access information made available only to registered users;
  • indirectly through your use of our website and the services and functionality offered through it including use of our Chatbot;
  • Retail Service Providers (RSPs) who obtain services from us and to whom you provide you information to in relation to the connection of your premises to our network and the provision of services to you over our network; and
  • the agents, contractors and service providers that we or RSPs may engage to connect your premises to our network, to assist with the provision of services to you over our network, or to carry out any of the functions mentioned above.

2. Personal Information we collect

We collect the following types of Personal Information:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your contact details
  • your Retail Service Provider (RSP)
  • details of any calls you make to us
  • details about faults you report
  • details relating to any service request you make
  • details about your premise
  • details about the services you have or wish to have installed at your premise CCTV footage excluding audio
  • details of your use of our website including the internet protocol (IP) addresses of your computer or mobile device, your operating system and browser type, the location data based on where your user session originated and your browsing behaviour.
  • We may also collect publicly available information about you such as land ownership details, as part of the provision of our services to you or your RSP.

3. Use of Personal Information

We use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  • to reply to your queries
  • to provide you with information about us and our services
  • to provide you with services in relation to our website
  • to gain access to information on our website made available only to registered users
  • to connect your premises to our network and to provide services to your RSP
  • to resolve faults and problems with our services and to make improvements generally to our services and the way in which we provide them to enforce our agreements (including End User Terms) with you or RSPs where you have (or we believe you may have) experienced a problem or had a poor experience with our services, to contact you to discuss the matter so that we can seek to resolve it and/or improve our services in future where you have entered a contest or participated in a survey that involves a prize, to administer a survey, competition, or prize draw, to notify winners and to award prizes to comply with relevant legislation, regulations, and any other legal requirement updating the list of possible addresses on our “Address Checker” search engine any specific purpose which we notify you of at the time Personal Information is collected for contact tracing in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic

4. CCTV or equivalent technology

In the event we install or use CCTV, any footage specifically may be used for the following purposes:

  • detecting and deterring criminal behaviour on our sites; and
  • monitoring the safety and security of our staff and our sites, and completing incident investigations.

5. Sharing Personal Information

From time-to-time, we may need to share your Personal Information with the following organisations in order to allow us to supply services to you or your RSP:

  • our related companies who may use and disclose your Personal Information for the same purposes as us;
  • third parties who provide us or our related companies with products or services that support the services that we provide, such as (but not limited to) suppliers, field service providers and contractors;
  • third Parties who are supplied with services by us in connection with your fibre connection such as RSPs;
  • If you use Google Maps as part of our Services, we share your Personal Information with Google who will handle it in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy.
  • Where we share your Personal Information with a third party, we will only share the Personal Information required to let us provide our services to you or your RSP, and we will take reasonable steps to prevent the unauthorised use of that information.
  • We do not sell information which identifies you personally.

6. Storage of Personal Information

  • We store Personal Information electronically, in paper form and voice recordings.
  • The Personal Information is kept safe and secure using generally accepted standards of security.

7. How you can access your Personal Information

  • You may lodge a request to access your Personal Information we hold by emailing us at privacy@ytuatahifibre.co.nz.
  • We will respond within 20 business days to provide you with a copy of your Personal Information we hold, subject to any reasonable grounds for withholding it or refusing the request.
  • In some cases, there may be a charge associated with providing copies of your Personal Information to you. This is permitted under the Privacy Act 2020. If so, we will advise you of this prior to sending your Personal Information to you.
  • We will not be able to provide you with any information (including Personal Information) if we do not know or don’t have reasonable grounds to believe the information is information (or Personal Information) about you or if disclosing the information would involve the unwarranted disclosure of information relating to another person.

8. If you need to amend your Personal Information

  • If you believe the information we hold about you is incorrect, you may request that it is corrected by emailing us at privacy@ytuatahifibre.co.nz
  • If we agree that your Personal Information is to be corrected, we will provide you with an amended record of your Personal Information.
  • In the event that we do not believe your information requires correction, we will attach a file note to the information outlining your request and any reasons for not updating the information.

9. How long we hold Personal Information

  • We will only keep your Personal Information for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose we collected it for.
  • In general, we keep records for a reasonable number of years after you cease services with us.

10. How to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy

If you believe that your privacy has been breached or interfered with you can contact our Privacy Officer by email or by post.

Email us: privacy@ytuatahifibre.co.nz

Write to us: Privacy Officer, Tuatahi First Fibre Limited, 11 Ken Browne Drive, Te Rapa, Hamilton.