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Fibre consents

There are times when we need to gain consents from others before your fibre can be installed. Our specialist consents team will work with you to make this simple and easy.

Common scenarios

Office buildings, apartments and body corporates

You share an office building or a multi-dwelling unit with other tenants or property owners.

Cross boundary

Your fibre cable will go aerially across your neighbour’s property.

Rights of way including cross lease

You are on a right of way or cross lease property with shared areas.


You rent the property you are requesting a fibre install for. We need your landlord’s permission.

Understanding consents

In some situations, we’ll need to sort out consents for you. Here’s how we take care of it.

Understanding consents


Categories of work

When installing fibre in shared driveways and multi-dwelling units, we assess what needs to be done, then allocate the work into one of three categories. Any time we need consent, we’ll get in touch with you and explain why and from whom we need it. Where possible, we’ll obtain the required consent on your behalf.

Category 1
Low impact communal work

Installation will have a minimal lasting effect on your property or shared area (e.g. soft surface reinstatement, overhead installations, underneath paving stones or use of existing ducts or conduits). Consent is not required from the neighbours who share the common areas, provided we follow the installation timeframes set out in the Telecommunications Act. We provide the neighbours with at least five working days’ notice before we get started. The build work will take place 3-6 weeks after notification letters have been sent out.

Category 2
Medium impact communal work

Installation may have some physical impact on the shared areas of the property (e.g. hard surface work to allow access to existing ducts, entry/exit points for drilling or thrusting, or small amounts of general trenching). We give the neighbours at least fifteen working days’ notice before we can get started. In some instances, a neighbour can lodge an objection. We handle the objection in accordance with the Telecommunications Act. The build work generally takes place within 3-6 weeks after notification letters have been sent out.

Learn more about Category 2 objections

Category 3
High impact communal work

Installation could have a greater impact on the shared areas of your property (e.g. extensive trenching and reinstatement of hard surfaces). We need consent from the other neighbours who have a legal entitlement to use shared areas before we can get started on the planned work. If required, our consents team can seek those consents for the build work on your behalf.

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