Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Find out how to get fibre for your home or business

Where to start

Getting you connected

Getting fibre at your property is a simple three-step process.


Check your address

Find out if fibre is available at your property by searching the address.

Check now


Choose an internet service provider

To get connected to the fibre broadband network, select an internet service provider in your region. When you order fibre, they become your first point of contact, and will talk to you about plans and pricing.

Choose an ISP


Get installed

When you order fibre, your internet service provider will contact us. We will arrange a time to meet you at your propertyto discuss the best installation method for you.

Fibre installation process

Ready to connect with fibre?

To order a fibre install, you’ll need to book it through an internet service provider. It’s easy. Simply pick a provider, give them your address and tell them you want fibre. They will sort the rest.

Choose an ISP

Already have a connection and just want to reactivate it?

We will get you up and running fast.

Reactivate my connection

Understanding the installation process

Pick the install process that best describes your situation.

Fibre installation

Our team will need to come out and do some installation work. Here’s what’s involved.

Connection process – single-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in single-dwelling units i.e. standalone houses.

Connection process – multi-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in multi-dwelling units, apartments, flats and shared driveways.