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Fibre for Tenants + Landlords

We require consent from property owners any time we install fibre. Tenants in rental properties can ask (in writing) for fibre broadband to be installed at the rental property. Landlords must allow it, unless any of the following four criteria apply.


Installation would compromise the structural integrity, weathertightness or character of the property.


Installation would breach any regulations.


The landlord intends to begin or takes material steps towards extensive renovations or repairs within 90 days of the tenant’s request, and installation would affect that work.


The landlord applies to the Tenancy Tribunal and it decides that the landlord does not have to install fibre.

Residential landlords must either respond to a tenant’s request for consent, or request more information, within 21 days. A landlord’s consent merely needs to be in writing – you can either download the form below for the landlord to sign, or email the landlord requesting consent and obtain their reply.

Renting and want to get connected to fibre?

You need to order your connection through an internet service provider. If you don’t already have one, you can find one here.

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Landlords – Get Fibre Ready!

If you’re considering renting out a property, you should consider getting fibre installed before you do.

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