Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Get Fibre Ready – existing properties

Want to Get Fibre Ready at your existing property? 

We can install fibre at the property so it’s ready to be connected by an internet service provider (ISP) when you order a fibre plan. In most cases your ISP can activate your fibre connection within a day or two of the installation being completed.

Having fibre ready to go is a future-proofed and permanent improvement that adds to the value of your house. It's also an awesome selling point if you’re a landlord wishing to attract great tenants, or a vendor wanting to impress prospective purchasers.

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Why Get Fibre Ready

Free installation*

Because the internet is an essential utility for modern living and everyone deserves world-class connectivity, our standard Get Fibre Ready residential installations are free.*

No obligation

Not yet ready to commit to a fibre plan? Keep your options open and arrange to have the fibre equipment installed now and decide on a fibre plan later when you’re ready.

Future ready

Over the next few years, the copper network will be withdrawn in areas where fibre is available. Affected copper users will be required to switch to an alternative phone and broadband service.

*This offer applies only to addresses that can connect to our fibre network and has not had fibre installed previously. It is limited to properties with driveways of 100m or less.

Get Fibre Ready in 3 easy steps

Once you’ve confirmed you can get fibre to your property, there are only 3 steps, and we’ll do 2 of those for you! It’s super easy.


Request a Get Fibre Ready installation

We work directly with the property manager or owner to bring the fibre up from the road to the house.

This will require two visits. The first is a scope appointment, the second is to do the installation.

Get started by completing the online form in the link below.

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Get Fibre Ready scoping appointment

Once we’ve received your request form we’ll contact you and set up a time to meet at your property. Together we’ll plan the best location and means of getting fibre from the boundary to the property. If there are overhead lines for power, we’ll probably follow these. If not, we can bury our fibre cable underground. We’ll guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible.


Get Fibre Ready installation

If there is no external termination point (ETP) at the property our technician will install one and connect it to an optical network terminal (ONT) inside the house. 

We’ll leave an information brochure at the property and also provide some helpful tips on the next steps to activating your fibre connection. The property is now ready for the occupant to order fibre!

What will my property look like following a Fibre Installation

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