Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line


We believe strong communities are connected and stand together. That’s why we allocate resources to support things in our community that help make all our lives better. That’s why we’re very proud to support the Chiefs.

Gallagher Chiefs

Tuatahi First Fibre is partnering with the Chiefs Rugby Club as a major sponsor of the Gallagher Chiefs through till 2024. Tuatahi First Fibre is the official fibre broadband infrastructure network of the Chiefs Rugby Club and our logo is featured on the front of the 2022/23 Gallagher Chiefs Training Jersey.  

As a local company working at the heart of New Zealand communities, we’re excited to support the Gallagher Chiefs as a major sponsor. There are some close synergies between our brands, so our partnership makes perfect sense. 

The Chiefs and Tuatahi First Fibre share a commitment to our region, an alignment of values, and an aspiration to uplift and inspire our communities to be connected. 

We're proud to be embracing 'tuatahi,' the te reo word for 'first,' in our name to celebrate our position as a local company working at the heart of New Zealand communities. Like the Chiefs, we place importance on high performance, speed and coming first.