Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Fibre installation process

Find out how we install fibre at your home or business.

Getting fibre installed

You’ve made your decision to get fibre and you’ve placed an order with your internet service provider. Now it’s time to get installed. It’s as easy as A, B, C!



We meet to plan the installation and any consents required 

Every property is unique. So we’ll meet to plan the installation and any consents required. Together we’ll agree on the right plan for you.   



We carry out external work to bring fibre from the street to your property 

We’ll build the fibre from the street to a small box on the outside of your house called the External Termination Point (ETP). You don’t need to be home for this, but we’ll need to be able to reach you by phone. If you need to contact us while work is being done, please call 0800 833 622 and select option 2 from the menu.



We install and activate the fibre equipment inside your property 

We’ll connect the fibre to a small box inside your house called the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). You’ll need to be home for this so we can get inside. Then you’re ready to go! Once your internet service provider activates the service you will be connected.  

Already have a connection and just want to reactivate it?

We get you up and running fast.

Reactivate my connection

Understanding the installation process

Pick the install process that best describes your situation.

Fibre installation

Learn what’s involved when our team installs fibre.

Connection process –
single-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in single-dwelling units i.e. standalone houses.

Connection process –
multi-dwelling units

Learn how we connect fibre in multi-dwelling units, apartments, flats and shared driveways.