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Terms and conditions of standard residential fibre installations

Tuatahi First Fibre Limited (we or our) will complete your standard residential fibre installation for free!* 

*Terms & Conditions 

We will not charge you for a standard residential fibre installation. 

We will not charge you if your existing copper service is being withdrawn by Chorus, and you have requested a fibre service which we have decided will be installed using overhead (aerial) network. 

A ‘standard residential fibre installation’ means installation works of up to 200 metres of network from the street to the external termination point (ETP) within our coverage area, using our proposed method of installation. 

If the installation is not a standard residential fibre installation (e.g. the distance between the street and ETP is more than 200 metres, or you decline, or request changes to, our proposed method of installation), we may charge you for the additional equipment and resource needed to complete your fibre connection (additional charges). We will ask you to agree to pay the additional charges before we commence work on your fibre installation.  

Our charges are separate to any amounts you are charged by your internet service provider (ISP) (e.g. some ISPs may charge for additional equipment, like a Wi-Fi router). We recommend that you ask your ISP what (if any) charges they intend to apply for your new fibre service.