Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Ultrafast Fibre Limited announced on 1 November that it is changing name to become Tuatahi First Fibre Limited and unveiling a new brand identity and logo.

“Our new name celebrates our story so far and embraces where we’re heading,” says Tuatahi First Fibre Chief Executive John Hanna.

“So much has changed and evolved since we were established in 2011. We feel ten years is the perfect timestamp to celebrate all that Ultrafast Fibre was and is by taking a bold, fresh and community-focused stride forward with our brand.”

Tuatahi means first and represents Tuatahi First Fibre’s core function of providing New Zealanders with access to the world’s best broadband technology, as well as the company’s history, its values and the unique culture of Aotearoa.

“Our new name is true to the reality of our product. We provide wholesale fibre to a range of internet service providers and they deliver ultra-fast internet to households, schools, businesses and healthcare facilities. We’re providing that first point of connectivity for the end user customers,” says Hanna.

“The name also embodies our track record of firsts – first choice for internet connectivity, putting our communities first, first to the future, and our people-first culture.”

“We’re proud to be embracing ‘tuatahi,’ the te reo word for ‘first,’ in our name to celebrate our position as a local company working at the heart of New Zealand communities.”

The company engaged with its local kaumatua in the development of the name.

Almost 70 per cent of New Zealand homes and businesses are connected to fibre-based broadband, and Tuatahi First Fibre is part of a group of local fibre companies aiming to roll out ultra-fast broadband fibre (UFB) nationwide under the government’s UFB rollout programme.

“We’re about so much more than deploying fibre. We provide access to a world of information through access to the world’s best broadband. We’re building better, brighter more connected communities – driving increased productivity, learning, growth and prosperity,” says Hanna.

The new brand includes a ‘T’ logo symbolising different views of a strand of fibre, and the orange and greenstone colour palette took inspiration from the landscape of Aotearoa.