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DIY Fibre Duct installation

Find out if this installation method is right for you

What is a DIY Fibre Duct installation?

This option allows you to manage part of the installation process by installing the fibre ducting yourself. This step prepares your property to have fibre optic cables installed within the duct.

Why choose this method?

In some cases, there is a cost involved in installing fibre at certain properties. This is typically when there are long driveways (over 200m) as more civil work is required.

Opting for this method allows you to reduce the overall installation cost by undertaking some of the installation process yourself.

Who is this process suitable for?

This is suited to situations where you have the skills and access to the necessary equipment to install fibre duct or alternatively engage a contractor to do so on your behalf.

The install can be completed either underground or along a wire fenceline.

How is the fibre installation completed?

Simply notify us when you’ve finished installing the duct and we will confirm your options for having the fibre installation completed.

How do I arrange to do a DIY Fibre Duct installation?

You can request fibre duct directly below and we will deliver it to you - all for free*.
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*A fibre installation fee may apply. Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

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