Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Get Fibre Ready – new builds

Want to Get Fibre Ready at a new property?

Get Fibre Ready is a service we offer to enable builders and developers to have new build houses pre-installed with fibre as part of the build process.

Add value

Market your new build property as pre-installed with fibre.

Minimise impact

We complete the installation in line with your build schedule and without later disruption to the aesthetics of the build.

Avoid delays

We resolve any issues that can hold up installations such as additional traffic management or approvals, ensuring the installation is complete and ready for the occupants to move in.

Ready for connection

An awesome experience for the new occupants. No technician visits needed – fibre is already installed and ready to connect!

FREE standard install

Standard residential installations are currently free.

Can I get fibre?

Before you start, make sure you can get fibre to your property. Simply enter your address here.

Enter your address

To confirm that your property is in one of our areas you can also look for our equipment on the boundary of the property and on the streets nearby.

Get pre-installed fibre in 3 easy steps

Once you’ve confirmed you can get fibre to your site, there are only 3 steps. It’s super easy.


Request a Get Fibre Ready installation

Get started by completing the appropriate online form

Register a company
Use this form for developments where you are likely to request this service again. Registering your company will allow us to streamline your installs and simplifies the process for future requests. We are also able if required, to work within your building management software, or within your project management spreadsheets and create install requests on your behalf to get all your sites fibre ready.

One-off installation
Use this form for a small development where you are unlikely to request this service again

Register a company
One-off installation


Get Fibre Ready ducting 

Your electrician runs the appropriate fibre ducts at the property.


Get Fibre Ready installation

Our technician will install an external termination point (ETP) at the property and connect it to an optical network terminal (ONT) inside the house. They’ll make use of the preinstalled duct to do this. You do not need to be there.

We’ll leave an information brochure at the property informing the future occupant that fibre is installed. We’ll also provide some helpful tips to get connected. The property is now ready for the occupant to order fibre!

Tips – Before you start

The date you indicate for the installation of our equipment should be after Electrical Fitoff (a power supply should also be available) and after an approved duct has been installed (Red / Black ABF 7mm) and the white internal fibre tube installed.

Best practice data wiring (Cat6 Star wired to a jack point in a central area such as behind a TV), and using a recessed access box to house the ONT.

The property being unoccupied.

Click here for key resources and to order duct.