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Invoice terms

These terms govern the payment conditions relating to an invoice we have issued for:

— Services we have supplied

— Damage costs for repairs.

Current as at: June 2020

We or Us means Tuatahi First Fibre Limited (Company Number 3226213). 

You means the business or individual to whom we have addressed this invoice. 

1. Invoiced service or costs

This invoice is for any of services or costs you are required to pay to us, including but not limited, to the following:

  • any wholesale services we have agreed to supply to you as specified in any contract between us; or
  • any network relocations that you have requested; or
  • any works or services we have agreed to perform for you in relation to any communal network build or materials; or
  • the costs for repairs to our network that we hold you liable for.

2. Due date

You must pay us the amount specified in this invoice (an Amount Owing) (plus GST, if any) either:

  • on the due date stated in the invoice; or
  • if we have agreed otherwise in writing with you.

3. Overdue payments

If you do not pay us the full amount by the Due Date, as well as our other rights, we will have to the right to charge you any costs we incur in recovering from you any money owed to us, including debt collection agency fees or solicitors costs.

4. Default interest

Interest may be charged on overdue amounts at a rate of:

  • the rate specified in a contract or terms & conditions we have agreed with you; or
  • If there is no contract or terms in place with you, at a rate of 8% above the standard BNZ bank rate at the time. This shall be calculated daily and compound monthly at that rate if we elect to do this. This applies before and after any judgment (if applicable).

5. Disputed payments

If you dispute the amount stated in this invoice, you must inform us of the dispute before the Due Date. You must pay us the undisputed Amount Owing by the Due Date.

6. No set-off or deduction

Payment of Amounts Owing which are due and payable must be made without set-off or deduction of any kind. You also agree that you will not be entitled to withhold payment in respect of any undisputed amount.

7. Consumer Guarantees Act

If this invoice is for services or goods and you are, or you hold yourself out as, acquiring the services solely for the purposes of a business or trade, the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 do not apply.

8. Joint and Aeveral Liability

Where there is more than one individual or company identified as the invoiced party, they will be liable jointly and each of them severally liable.

9. Privacy

Visit our privacy policy page on our website for an explanation of how we will collect, store, use and share your personal information.

10. Enquires

If you need to get in touch with us about this invoice please:

Phone Us | 0800 FIBRE LTD (0800 342 735)

Email Us | accountspayable@tuatahifibre.co.nz