Outage in Bay of Plenty fibre network – We’re working fast to get you back on line

Get pre-installed fibre

Building a new house?

Make everyone’s life easy! Get fibre broadband pre-installed* from street to building as part of your house build process.

*Pre-installation is exclusively available in Tuatahi First Fibre areas.

Add value

Market your newly built property as pre-installed with Fibre Broadband.

Minimise impact

We complete the installation in-line with your build schedule and without later disruption to the aesthetics of the build.

Avoid delays

We remedy in advance any issues that can hold up installations, like additional traffic management or approvals from our third party asset owners, ensuring install is complete and ready for your homeowners to move in.

A job well done

An awesome experience for your new occupants – no technician visits needed as fibre is already installed and ready to connect. And we label the equipment in the house with some tips for the new homeowner so they are all ready to go!

Check you can get fibre

Before you start, make sure you can get fibre to your owned property. Simply enter your address here.

Address checker

Get pre-installed fibre in 3 easy steps

Once you’ve confirmed you can get fibre to your site, there are only 3 steps, and we’ll do 2 of those for you! It’s super easy.

Request your fibre installation

Get started by completing the appropriate online form in the link below.

Installation scoping appointment

Once we’ve processed your order for Get Fibre Ready, we will contact you to set up an appointment for one of our technicians to come and install fibre at each premise. We are happy to work around you for this and don’t need you to be there when we do the install. Please indicate any requirements on your request form.

We’ll install your fibre as planned

At the installation appointment, our technician will install an ETP (external termination point) if one is not already there and also connect it to another small box called the ONT, or optical network terminal, they will make use of your preinstalled duct to do this.

Your occupant will connect the ONT to their modem however if the house is star wired we will attempt to patch the wiring through so the customer can have their modem in the lounge or somewhere nice and central. If we do this we will leave a sticker to help the customer know where to plug the modem in.