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Connect API

This API is for RSPs to connect an end-user to fibre and manage their Products.

  • Product Offer Catalogue: View available Product Offers
  • Place Search: Search for an end-user’s Place (location)
  • Service Qualification: Identify the current state of a Place and Product Offers
  • Orders: Create an Order
  • Products: View the configuration of a Product Instance (PIID)

Notifications API

This API is for RSPs and SPs to subscribe to notifications for a variety of Tuatahi events.

  • Subscriptions: Create and manage subscriptions for receiving notifications.

Service Partner Gateway (Workorders API)

This API is for SPs to provide updates and details for workorders and tasks.

  • Events: Provide events to update the state and schedules of workorders and tasks.
  • Survey: Complete surveys about assets & sites.

Network API

This API is for SPs to provision and assure network services.

  • Activations: Initiate an ONT Activation
  • Tests: Run diagnostics test to get the status of an ONT